What is wrong with our teacher

   Rajshekar Chittawadgi

Friends i want to bring to your kind notice the three incidents of today, 1) In koppal a teacher was beaten by the public because he was mis behaving with girls at his school 2) A teacher was beaten by the public at Bangalore when he tried to rape a girl at his school 3) a teacher went to police station and took shelter because he was chased by the public, bec…ause from last one month he was sexully harrasing a small girl about 8 years old, from last one month he was rapping her, height of cruality a person can not become such a crual, the teacher is 55 years old,
what is wrong with our teaching staff, why these teachers are not being punished, in the third case the girl is just 8 years old she can not understand any thing for that kid this bruatal man was raping, such a inhuman act, the mother of that child told to T.V. cameraman that the teacher should be hanged, she is right that teacher has no right to live in this soceity, the so called educated men in our soceity ( chintakru, buddijivigalu, patrakartaru ) should do something for this, especially the press persons ( media friends ) should do something there are many people who fight for so many reasons in our soceity, they should come forward and do something, one of my friend told me during our discussion on this matter that, we should educate our childerns that the teacher in the schools are rapists, sadists, uncivilised, inhuman,criminals, we should convince our childerns that please do not respect the teachers and be away from these criminals. what happens is that the childerns give more respect to teachers so naturallly they belive the teachers more that any one, in this case the mis utilisation happens, so when the girls once get in to their mind that their own teacher is a criminal, then they will never go near to him, they will be careful. the time has come for us to creat seperate school for girls and only ladies teachers. the entire staff should be only ladies,
my friends please do something in this matter we should protect our childerns from teachers,


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