Please be carefull a bruatal act.

Rajshekar Chittawadgi

I was deeply hurt when i read in todays vijay Karnataka daily news paper that a 13 year old girl studying in 7 th standard was raped by her school teacher who is 35 hyears old, shame on the part of teacher this monster teacher has brought bad name to the entire teaching faculty, it is said that this teacher was raping her since from last 6 months, a bruatal act, most inhuman, that poor… girl had no parents, after a lapse of 6 months this fact came to outside world , this is the only news that came outside there are so many such incidences which will not come outside. parents fear about the future of the girl,so they will not bring it outside, these teachers have become so crual, inhuman, sadist, they have lost all human qualities, almost twice in a week we read such news in the paper, in my opinion this teacher should be stoned, that is, he should be killed by throwing stones, he has no place in this world. i wonder why this teaching staff has become like this, even in universities the old aged professors are doing the same thing, we have the live example of Dr karibasvayya, and may more if dr Radhkrihna was alive today he would have hanged him self, and what is wrong with these media friends, these people are not hilighting this news. they are highlighting some other news. do they think that this is a small incidence, they will come to know when it happens to their own chillderns. i am father two daughters i have never sent my daughters to educational tours, because, i am afraid of these worst teachers, the girls are not safe in the hands of these teachars, now the time has come to creat seperate Government schools for girls and teachers only ladies, once again i request my media friends to concentrate on tis matter and creat a movement. i request to all my friends please be carefull about these teaching staff and ask your childerns to keep distance with teachers. give correct guidance to your daughters and ask them to be carefull about the teachers, they are safe on roads but not at schools.


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